Info for Parents


Note: If a student is in need of any special accommodations please contact us at so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Splash is the perfect opportunity for your children to experience college for a day. Our program offers a variety of classes that were designed to inspire an inquisitive, intellectual passion within your kids. This experience will be positively fun and inspire students to have a deeper passion for learning! To register a student click here.

The entire program takes place right on NJIT’s campus in Newark, NJ. Drop off your kids at NJIT’s Campus Center at 150 Bleeker St. Newark, NJ. Make sure your child has signed and ready to be presented at check-in at 8:00 AM. You and your child should also have a plan detailing where they will picked up when the event is done. Note that Splash ends at 3:00 pm.

Things your child should bring to Splash

Make sure your child has completed the following items before coming to Splash.

  • A completed online liability waiver.
  • Payment of $10 (if you want to pay online click here) or complete the fee waiver
  • Registered for classes
  • Lunch (if you have dietary restrictions, otherwise it will be provided as part of the program at no extra cost)
  • Printed Wifi form signed by a parent or guardian
  • Notebook/pencils if you want

While your child is taking courses

We want your child to feel in charge of their learning experience, so please do not attend courses with them. Parents who decide to stay to stay on campus will be provided with activities, tours, and informative seminars on all NJIT has to offer! Feel free to attend our parents' program!

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